Taurus Horoscope

  • Symbol: Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Feature: Stationary
  • Ruling planet: Venus (planet of beauty and love)
  • Colour: Green, pink
  • Lucky Day: Monday, Friday
  • Lucky numbers: 4,6
  • Lucky gemstones: Turquoise stone, topaz, pink quartz, sapphire, jade
  • Reference on body: Neck, throat, chin
  • Positive features: Patient, organized, helpful, romantic, attentive, dedicated
  • Negative features: Way too much tolerant, stubborn, lazy, too cautious
  • Things they love: Pictures, mountains, good music, delicious food, cooking, horticulture, novels, designer clothes
  • Things they hate: Being rushed, wasting money, dirty stuff, hotels, sudden changes, obstacles, insecurity
  • Their secret passion: Having the best of everything
  • Strengths:
  • Reliable
  • Patient
  • Practical
  • Dedicated
  • Responsible
  • Stationary
  • Weaknesses
  • Stubborn
  • Possessive
  • Uncompromising

Taurus Daily Horoscope Today

Aries You can start the day by seeing that your troubles that you have been experiencing for about 3 months have been healed. You can get news from your old friends that you are angry with. A day where you can express yourself much more clearly in love and relationships. If you want to feel

Taurus General Features

Taurus is patient, responsible, the most humane and friendly sign among the all-zodiac signs. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the star of love. The influence of the planet is seen in its power to predict and appreciate both the material and spiritual values of the work of art rather than its artistic achievements. Taurus are governed by emotions rather than logic. When a Taurus is emotionally attached to something, victory is inevitable. This situation also affects the attitude towards the opposite sex. Taurus usually known as one of the most stabilizing signs of the zodiac. Taurus sees life as an immutable black and white picture. Endurance and patience are the essence of success for Taurus. The Taurus, who is talkative and clearly expresses their thoughts, thinks carefully before making a decision, but after making a decision, no one can stop them.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman has a quiet, calm and proud stance. She has a realistic and authoritative attitude. When a Taurus woman enter the room, she draws all attention with her attitudes. she is ambitious and does her best to achieve something she dreams of.

Taurus women depend on their habits and cannot tolerate unfaithfulness. Taurus woman is also very sensitive and fragile emotionally. When she values someone, she does not hesitate to make sacrifices. It has not been seen that she quit when she started a job. Being financially well is very important for a Taurus woman. In this way she feels safe. Respect and love are very important to Taurus woman, especially in her relationships. Taurus woman become a loyal wife in their marriage.

Taurus Man

Taurus men draw attention with their stubborn, hardworking, active and calm nature. It is impossible for you not to notice him in a room he enters. It would be best for you to avoid the stubborn side of Taurus. Because when he gets angry, he will not care about you or your thoughts out of spite. Taurus men become a loyal husband. They’re very homey people. Taurus love their families and will do everything they can to protect them. His bonds with his children are very affectionate, but he does not like to give up discipline. Taurus men are generally physically healthy and well-built. Taurus men also enjoy luxury and comfort. Taurus men are Generous but not wasteful. Taurus men are the most loyal friends you will ever see.

Taurus Character

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. It is the physical senses that people use most. Taurus is very dependent on physical materials and the people they think they own. Taurus's strongest desire is personal safety. 40 acres and a mule or betrayal can easily shake this sense of trust. In these situations, Taurus reacts violently and refuses to give another chance.

The way a disappointed Taurus behaves is quite different from their normal behaviours. They either give up on you or do the same to you. Whichever he chooses, the result will not change. For Taurus, the foundation of relationships is trust and has wipe out.

Taurus is especially resistant to changes that he does not want. Taurus people usually finish what they started in their lives. They can tolerate harsh conditions that many people cannot tolerate. patience is among the main characteristics of Taurus. Bull, the symbol of the sign, is the true source of their persistence and stubbornness. On the positive side, Taurus's strength and determination makes other people trust him.
Taurus people do not like to live their life depend on another. therefore, they only rely on themselves. The loving and patient Taurus is much more resistant and patient, especially when he is with people he cares about or when working on something he cares about.

Taurus usually doesn't like surprises. Taurus feels much more comfortable when given time to plan or to prepare. Taurus adjusts their reactions according to their experiences. He becomes emotionally confident before taking action. Taurus focuses on the results before trying anything new.

Venus rules Taurus, the planet of beauty and luxury. Under the influence of Venus, Taurus cares about physical pleasures, has strong values and is self-indulgent.

Taurus cares about financial matters as much as aesthetic beauty. Taurus loves nature. Taurus is aware of the realities of life. But the self-indulgent of the Taurus also causes laziness from time to time. Taurus is very careful when making decisions and thus avoids wrong choices. Taurus does not miss opportunities in life.

Taurus Career

The Taurus is a reliable, loyal and a cooperative worker. The practical side of them is strong and they are logical since it is a earth sign.

Biggest issue with the Taurus is related to taking action. The feeling of being blocked while beginning something can be disturbing sometimes. But it is the only sign that can finish a started job steadily with patience even in the hardest conditions. Their eyes cannot see anything else if they are focused to their aim.
The Taurus, whose aesthetical sense is strong, would not hesitate to reflect their artistic creativity and values even in their work life. Their consistency and predictable reactions can be observed as a reflection of characteristics of them during their workplace. Since it is a stationary sign, the Taurus may have problems to stay relevant with the technological and sociological changes in their late ages. Even they are calm and serene generally, it is possible to observe completely irrelevant and violent reactions when they are pushed to the limits of their patience. Workplace of a Taurus is comfortable, decorated with luxurious objects and like a hall where guests are accepted and served food and drinks.

Especially being talented in finance, the Taurus will be passionate to work and become very successful in any profession related to finance and banks. Other than that, working in a antique shop, fashion and beauty industries that require sense of aesthetics, jewellery industry and sculptor that require the talent of forming are the main preferences of work for Taurus.

Taurus Money

Taurus is very patient and cautious in financial matters. As an Earth sign, Taurus has a sophisticated ability to earn money and survive, as it is prone to production. When Taurus doesn't have enough money, they feel insecure. In this case, Taurus may experience health problems first mentally and then physically. Taurus also does not like to borrow, nor does he like to lend. Taurus strives to live without depend on anyone and does its best. but no matter how much Taurus earns, he won't show off about that.

Taurus thinks before investing and chooses the most beneficial for himself. Taurus never wants to feel financial anxiety anytime in his life. Taurus does not do his invest only on money. With Venus effect he also invests on art, antique and gold. For Taurus, the real estate sector is also suitable for investment. But Taurus stays away from the stock market because it is risky.

Taurus Love

Even if the Taurus have feelings it would take so much time to declare it to the person they like. Taurus are patient people. To be with them, it is essential to learn being patient and calm. In relationships with a Taurus, usually the side that uses an initiative must be the other person. To start a relationship, a Taurus expects the other person to clearly explain that he/she is having a great time and enjoying to be around them. Invitation to a dinner at a restaurant, nice food and ambiance will make the first phase be easy and result positively. During the meetings at home, delicious food, luxurious objects, candles, flowers and romantic music will impress the Taurus deeply. The Taurus, who is fond of Luxury and materialistic values, will start to become convinced for a long relationship when they are made to feel that actually nothing is worthy enough for her. With the strong willpower and suppressed sense of humour, the Taurus has a vibe that makes one feel the serenity. However, ambiguity and sudden changes will impact the relationship. Partner of a Taurus does not need to be suspicious or worried about a his/her commitment and loyalty. Taurus is one of the few signs that is able to never take their partner out of their mind and heart and keep the love as fresh as the first day. Taurus people actually have a emotional and ambitious personality and they can fully live up to it while they are together with people that value this.

Taurus Sex Life

Under the influence of Venus, the ruling planet, Taurus is innately prone to love, sexuality and eroticism. Taurus has a passionate and active sexuality that cannot be understood from the outside. However, as in all areas of life, it is not possible for him to take action easily in this area. However, he begins to reveal his passions, wishes, desires after receiving the approval and trust he needs from his partner.

Bull is resistant to change. But this does not show that the Taurus loves routine in sexuality and does not break the rules. However, Taurus must rely on his/her lover for new things. Nevertheless, it is very possible to see a Taurus trapped between the need for safety in sexuality and their sexual urges.

Taurus hesitates to show his wishes and desires, frankly. However, Taurus does not hesitate to show Taurus’ charm and love games within its own rules. Taurus move slowly but with pleasure.

Taurus try everything possible, all ways for success. The Taurus, who is very influenced by financial comfort does anything to get what he wants. Taurus is a sensitive lover who thinks his lover often and do everything for them. However, is hard for him to let go his habits even in sexuality.

Taurus Health

The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus which is an earth sign and a stationary one, are known by material and what they have. Silence and dedication are main keywords of the character that Taurus sign grants to the person. Taurus relates to the head and neck zone. So, Taurus sign has dominance on throat, neck, thyroid gland, pharynx, palatine tonsil, upper part of oesophagus, vocal cords, ears and eustachian tubes.

Taurus constantly complain about tonsil swelling or angina. The illnesses they likely to get caught are sore throat, whooping cough, parotitis, struma, and abscesses. Because of their serene and slow structure, they are not likely to get physically injured. Although the neck bones should be especially protected, and precautions must be taken from the early ages against all kind of rheumatic diseases. The disruption of balance and discomfort in life of a Taurus has a strong effect on their physical and mental health. They usually have a structure that tends to gain weight easily. This is because both being a stationary-earth sign and being less mobile compared to the other signs. To protect their physical health and stay in a beautiful shape, they must focus on their diet way too much than the other signs. It’s necessary for them to consistently eat healthy and exercise on an intermediate level. Taurus usually tend to have digestion problems such as haemorrhoids and constipation. So, they should follow a diet that includes rich amount of grains and liquids to keep their digestion system active. Keeping copper objects in their house and wearing emerald, coral and mossy agate stone will bring luck to Taurus. Homemade remedies and tea prepared with plants such as white flowered burdocks and roots of it, coltsfoot, daisy, mallow blossom and root will make Taurus gain a spiritual calmness and physical healthiness.

Having clothes that include colours from nature such as green and brown and made of natural material such as linen, cotton and wool will make the Taurus healthy and happy. The Taurus must be cautious about their glands and genitals because of the opposite sign Scorpio.

Taurus Fitness and Diet

Taurus people have the slowest metabolic rate of all signs in the Zodiac. Taurus, whose senses are very developed, likes good food, good music and sex. Since he is very fond of his personal comfort, he does his best. Taurus's body structure is also more suitable for inactivity. Considering Taurus's fondness for desserts, it is inevitable that Taurus will have a weight problem that he must deal with throughout his life.

Taurus must provide suitable conditions for a regular sports life. He can buy nice sports clothes to encourage himself. Having a sauna and massage after sports is especially beneficial for Taurus to relax and be eager.

For Taurus, who loves nature and green, garden work or outdoor walks are very attractive. It is very difficult for the Taurus man, who is ruled by Venus, which symbolizes all kinds of pleasure, to avoid from food.

Therefore, perhaps among all Zodiac signs being in a diet most difficult for Taurus specially we consider his metabolism. However, if the patient Taurus sees that he is starting to lose even a little weight, his motivation will increase. For Taurus, noting what they eat at each meal will help them maintain a regular and controlled diet.

Best gifts for Taurus woman

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus woman's need for perfume never ends. You can get fragrant body cream and powder kit for Taurus woman. You can send her a basketful of violets or lilacs in a crystal vase.

If you want to buy clothes, you should choose natural fabrics. You can choose a white, top quality cotton nightgown. You can get her a black velvet evening gown or an elegant handbag

Soft-textured scarves and gloves like cashmere will be very much appreciated by her. Taurus represents the neck in the human body, so you can gift her a pearl necklace. If you want to buy expensive jewelry, her favorite is emerald.

Best gifts for Taurus man

The sensitive Taurus man will love the chocolate-dipped strawberries or the one-day gift card of a luxury hotel sauna. Classical, jazz, opera or rock music concert tickets will be a good gift for Taurus. You can make him very happy by taking him to a quality and stylish restaurant he always wanted to go to.

Since the Taurus man enjoys spending time in his home, you can get him a comfortable TV chair. You can buy new speakers, videos, DVDs, CVDs, favorite music CDs for the stereo. If you buy clothes, you should get the best quality you can afford.

Taurus man will like a beautiful umbrella that can be enough for two people. You can gift a bottle of the best quality red wine and cheese in a basket. You can buy him flower for his workplace, or you can buy him garden tools if he has a garden.

Signs Most Compatible with Taurus

Taurus and Taurus

Taurus ego is high, so fights are inevitable. However, since they will usually understand each other, this relationship can be a long one that ends up in marriage. There will be passion in this relationship,

and besides that, you can see love, trust and peace, as well as stubbornness. Both sides are stubborn. In this relationship, from time to time one side has to make sacrifices.

Taurus and Virgo

The relationship of these two signs will be perfect. Having an earth sign in both signs will provide a positive effect on the relationship. lovers will spend lots of time at home and have fun in this relationship. Once you lose the trust of a Virgo woman, you cannot easily regain it. Since Taurus men are faithful lovers by nature, they attract Virgo women with their honesty.

Signs Least Compatible with Taurus

Taurus and Leo

While Leo likes to show off, Aquarius loves respect. While the Lion loves surprises, Taurus doesn't like it. When Taurus is very patient, Leo can easily give up. Leo and Aquarius are as different as they are alike. Again, this couple can solve their problems by showing respect and love for each other. Trust should be at the forefront in this relationship.

Taurus and Aquarius

It is useful to know that these two difficult signs have many things to do. Otherwise, it may be a very difficult and troublesome relationship. The cold, materialistic, timid nature of the Aquarius can give the Taurus a hard time. Taurus jealous acts can irritate Aquarius. However, with patience and harmony, it can be a good relationship.

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