Virgo Horoscope

  • Symbol: Virgin Woman
  • Element: Earth
  • Feature: Mutable
  • Ruling planet: Mercury (planet of communication)
  • Colour: Grey, beige, light yellow
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Lucky numbers: 5,14
  • Lucky gemstones: agate, amber, jasper, tourmaline, jade
  • Reference on body: Stomach, waist, digestion system
  • Positive features: Dedicated, skilled, helpful, hardworking, repartee, practical
  • Negative features: Always wants to make speeches, hurting themselves, self-pity, showboating, critical
  • Likes: Computers, magazines, long bathes, concerts, childhood friends, animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleaning
  • Dislikes: Rude or lazy people, leaving home, asking for help
  • Their secret passion: Being a hero
  • Strengths:
  • Loyal
  • logical
  • hardworking
  • practical and kind
  • Weaknesses:
  • Shy
  • worried
  • over-judging

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today

Aries You can start the day by seeing that your troubles that you have been experiencing for about 3 months have been healed. You can get news from your old friends that you are angry with. A day where you can express yourself much more clearly in love and relationships. If you want to feel

The cycle of Virgo sign, which is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, occurs between August 23 - September 22. It is essential to understand their energy even if you do not share the same planet placement with Virgo because various planets visit the Virgo sign and awaken the earth energy throughout the year.

Personal Traits of Virgo

Signs are grouped according to three different attributes. They are cardinal, mutable and fixed. Virgo is one of the four mutable signs. The other mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. Mutable signs are the ones which finalize the seasons and they had taken lessons from all of them. They know that everything has an end, and their mission is to make everyone adapt to the changes. They are wiser than other signs. They can adapt to the changes faster compared to the other signs. They act like chameleons to fit into any kind of situation. They are also the correctors of the Zodiac. Cardinals propose a plan, fixed signs put it into action and mutable signs make the final contours with a critical vision.

Virgo is one of the three signs that is controlled by earth element. Other earth sings are Taurus and Capricorn. Since Virgo is the second earth sign of the Zodiac, it takes the job from where Taurus left and rises above its solid foundation by quickly making a construction plan. During its planetary cycle Virgo instantly detects the divine one among all the other details and creates a perfect plan to execute and then we accomplish our goals. Energy of Virgo leads us to try a new work routine or renovate the one we used to do.

Also, it can make people worried about the future. During the planetary cycle of Virgo, we might get stuck with the thoughts of “what if”.

Being an earth sign between Taurus and Capricorn drives Virgo to be a strong but conservative person. They are organized and practical in their daily lives. They can manage to keep an organized living even if their life becomes upside down. They stay focused on their goals and dreams. They can be over-critical, keep thinking about stuff the others don’t care about and get lost in the details because they constantly think that they are missing a detail which is irreversible.

Virgo sign helps us to have efficiency consciousness and understand our physical realities. On the other hand, it drives us to perfectionism. During the planetary cycle of Virgo sign, we can find ourselves thinking about thousands of perfectly detailed options but can’t decide among them. The picky side and high standards of Virgo has its own benefits but also might ruin your relationship.

Virgo people are very conscious about humanism, this makes them one of the most caring signs of the Zodiac. Their systematic approach to life will not leave anything to the hands of luck. Even though they are compassionate most of the time, their hearts might be closed to the outer world. Virgo is a sign which is misunderstood most of the time, not because they lack the ability of expressing oneself. It is because they cannot accept their emotions to be true if they are against logic and mind.

Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman Love

When a Virgo woman gives you her love, she wants it to stay that way forever. She is not looking for, one-night stands she wants traditional love like old- fashioned.


Contrary to what many people think, a high libido is hidden behind the dignified and serious images of the Virgo woman. On the other hand, they don't have a lot of sex with people because they want to feel that they're really important to the people they're with.

Couples Love

Virgo woman is a mixture of intelligence, hypercriticality, prudence and commitment. They tend to me smart, humble and skilled. It might scare you to impress a Virgo woman since they look like not caring at all. But when starting a relationship, they tend to be practical, realistic and careful rather than distant.

Virgo woman likes and dislikes

Virgo woman is the combination of intelligence and beauty. Their organizational skills are high. They are people of action, not words. Because they are ruled by Mercury, they have creativity.

Best Gifts for Virgo woman

Health and wellness are important for. Virgo women. That's why they love gifts about body care and alternative medicine. They will love it if you gift a massage or acupuncture session. In addition, books, handmade jewellery and art supplies are wonderful gifts for Virgo women.

Virgo Man

Virgo Man Love

A Virgo man in love is like the caviar, the truffle of the Zodiac. So if you are likely more of a burger and fries person, Virgo man might not be a good partner for you. Harmony of Virgo man and others depends on their partners’ ability to give all their love to him. By this way they will feel safe and they can open up their vulnerable and caressing hearts to their partners. Even if they rarely make exhibitions of love, an intimate relationship will bring the beauty of their emotional side. They prefer long-shot relationships rather than hangouts.

Virgo man- Sexuality

Virgo men are full of sexual surprises. Although they may be a little nervous from time to time, this situation continues until they let out their passion. However, it may take a lot of work to get it out of its shell. On the other hand, if a Virgo man does not trust his lover or does not know her closely, he does not want to have sex with her.

Couples Love- Virgo man

Virgo men are very intelligent and for that they love to solve problems. They take on the role of mentors in their relationships. Equal responsibility does not fall in a relationship with a Virgo man. Therefore, attention should be paid to personal boundaries in the relationship and a balance should be found.

Virgo man- Likes and Dislikes

Led by Mercury, the Virgo male is always busy with finding a way to organise his thoughts. They try to create a peaceful, orderly and neat space around them. When there is no job to occupy their mind, they quickly turn into anxious person. They like to take on their own responsibilities and help others, but they also get offended when they get no response.

Best gifts for Virgo man

Virgo man likes presents that are related to their appearance and picky character. So engraved combs, monogram cufflinks might be good gifts for them. Tailored clothes, leather covered handbooks, handmade jewellery and antique sealing ring might be good options too.

Signs Most Compatible with Virgo

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus and Virgo both of them like to stay home rather than go out and socialize often. Virgo meets the security need of Taurus. Although both need to be patient, eventually there will be a relaxing, harmonious relationship.

Cancerand Virgo

Although these two have many differences, they are just for each other. Virgo's practicality in almost every subject complements Cancer's natural emotional depth and need for security. They both bring something different, which is necessary for a calm and balanced relationship. Since both Cancer and Virgo are extremely sensitive personalities, their relationship will be full of affection.

Scorpio and Virgo

If there is any sign that might make Virgo experience love and passion to the bone, it is Scorpio. We are sure about Virgo sign belonging to the earth and Scorpio sign belonging to the fire groups will make a great and hot couple. Virgo is always passionate to learn and curious. Virgo has a lot to learn from Scorpio at this point. Scorpio experiences the love so deep and makes their partner experience it deeply too. This creates permanent marks on peoples’ life. Virgo and Scorpio have an unbelievable attraction between them. This makes them get pulled into each other at the first sight. So that Virgo might hate Scorpio at first sight, but they have no idea that this hate will turn into love on the following days.

Signs Least Compatible with Virgo

Gemini and Virgo

While Gemini thinks Virgo is incredibly dull and boring, Virgo will think Gemini is naughty and frivolous. Virgo — as a very judgemental sign — will see Gemini as two-faced, flaky, superficial, and full of hot air. Virgo wants a devoted companion, and Gemini won’t be that for them.

Libra and Virgo

Virgo’s perspective of life will be annoying for Libro who is playful and relax. Libra's volatility also will be annoying for Virgo who is perfectionist. It is difficult for them to find a sexual harmony. In short, the relationship between them will be an extremely complex one.

Best jobs for Virgo

Virgo is practical, analytical and hardworking; They know what to do to solve any problem. These reasons will be successful in problem solving jobs that require good organization. Jobs such as "clerk, carpenter, writer, landscape architect, nurse, psychologist, bookseller, economist, critic, inspector, healer" are suitable jobs for Virgo.

Famous Virgo Celebrities

Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Cameron Diaz, Kobe Bryant, Mary Shelley, Leo Tolstoy, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Tom Ford

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