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Horoscopes are determined by the birth-date and create personalities of us. Signs are divided into groups. Every group includes 3 different Zodiac signs. The groups are named after the elements they represent. They are fire, earth, air and water groups. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs are in the fire group. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs are in the earth group. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are in the air group. And finally, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are in the water group. Every zodiac sign has different personality aspects. Zodiac signs are shaped according to their star maps. Daily, weekly and monthly comments and predictions could be done about horoscopes according to them. Simply, the zodiac groups have certain features. The signs belonging to water group are likely to be sensitive and emotional. They are likely to be interpersonal and unstable. They have a compassionate and helpful personality. The signs belonging to the air group get bored easily. They can adapt to their jobs easily but quickly get bored. They are multifunctional and smart. The signs belonging to the earth group are static minded. They are closed to any possible change and they do not like sudden changes. Keeping themselves in the first place is the most important feature of the signs belonging to the fire group. They do not like to be alone. Horoscopes are very important in terms of relationships. If you know the Zodiac sign of your date you will get a chance to have an idea about the personality of him/her. You may be able to predict their likes and what kind of people they are. Ascending signs are as important as the birth signs in terms of relationships. Your personality is not determined only by your sign but also your ascending sign. You can learn your ascending sign by finding out your birthday, birthplace and exact birth hour. You may not have all the features of your Zodiac sign. The cause of this is your ascending sign. It affects your personality as much as your Zodiac sign.

Horoscopes have a long history. There are many more sign groups other than ascending and Zodiac signs. These are Lunar signs, descending signs, ruler planets and planetary cycles. All of them rule a different stuff in your life. All planets are connected with each other for every year and determine the destination of your life, your future, energy, and personal development. The reason for the ups and downs in your life and the communication problems may be the horoscopes. Establishing connections with the suitable signs will be helpful to have correct people around you and create healthy relationships. In woman and man relationships, having harmony is essential for the future of the relationship. The reason for this harmony to exist or not is believed to have a strong connection with horoscopes. The reason for the jealousy, apathy or excessive concern may be caused by the sign that is determined by your birthday.