Scorpio Horoscope

  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Feature: Fixed
  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Colour: red, burgundy, black
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Lucky numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22
  • Lucky gemstones: Ruby, Opal, Garnet
  • Reference on body: genitals
  • Positive features: Patient, disciplined, careful
  • Negative features: Revengeful, insecure
  • Likes: Mystery, danger, plants, leather clothes
  • Hates: Simple people, insincerity, private questions, having to live in someone else's home
  • Their secret passion: Knowing everything about the lives of others, having complete control
  • Strengths:
  • Strong body
  • psychological resistance
  • patience
  • Weaknesses:
  • Jealousy
  • passive-aggressive attitude
  • selfishness

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today

Aries You can start the day by seeing that your troubles that you have been experiencing for about 3 months have been healed. You can get news from your old friends that you are angry with. A day where you can express yourself much more clearly in love and relationships. If you want to feel

The cycle of Scorpio sign, which is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, occurs between October 24 - November 23. It is essential to understand their energy even if you do not share the same planet placement with Scorpio because various planets visit the Scorpio sign and awaken the water energy throughout the year.


Signs are grouped according to three different attributes. They are cardinal, mutable and fixed. Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs. The other fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. All these signs are in the middle of each season. They are the balancing signs. They set a goal for themselves and stary building around it. They take the ideas cardinal signs propose and make it come true and real.

Scorpio is one of the three signs that are bound to water element. The other ones are Cancer and Pisces. Scorpio is the second water sign of the Zodiac. Their mission is to make their and others’ emotions stronger and permanent. Like the other water signs, Scorpio lives to experience and express the emotions but even though they think emotions are important they will not make it visible from outside and this makes them different from other water signs. Scorpio have lots of secrets and they always live by hiding them from others.

Scorpio people are passionate and competitive. Digging through until they learn the truth is the most important feature of them. They are dedicated and determining. The Scorpio people, who know the rules of the universe well and are always aware of the truth, focus on goals rather than dreams. That’s why the others view them as tough and violent, but the realistic approach gives them a natural leadership attribute. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious signs. Scorpio sign, which is a black box in their nature, usually makes us come across with the dark and hidden sides of us that we are afraid to face with. Scorpio’s energy, which is the sign of life, death, and rebirth, embraces these cycles of life and continuously reproduces it by transforming itself.

Scorpio sign happens to have four shapes: a poisonous scorpion which does not like to share, a slippery, charming but deadly snake, an eagle with sharp eyes and watches its prey, and finally a phoenix that is always on fire and sees everything, then reborn from the ashes. We might find ourselves in deep feelings and coping with intense energy while Scorpio is in its planetary cycle. The essence of Scorpio energy is, being charming, passionate, loyal,protective,trendsetter,controlling,strong,charismatic, cautious, healing, psychic and brave. On the other hand, Scorpio energy may also be obsessed, over-possessive, jealous, uncommunicative, vindictive, ruthless, hypocritical, and manipulative.

Scorpio Woman


The Scorpio woman will be strong until the end of her life and will bear the burden of life more than you. The Scorpio woman wants eternal love rather than casual relationships. The moment she finds what she is looking for, she will be loyal to her partner for many years and if you can give her the confidence she needs, she will even share her inner world that she has never opened to anyone


We can say that the Scorpio woman is the sign that cares about sexuality the most in the Zodiac. She may not be sexual until she finds what he is looking for. In any case, sexuality is both a physical and a mental activity for her. Scorpio woman has a rich sexual world open to all kinds of fantasies.

Couples Love

Most Scorpio women believe that love will come across once in a lifetime, when they find that lucky person, they love it in every way. For this reason, sometimes the Scorpio woman's ability to accept life with all its reality can cause a headache in love. She can get stuck in wrong relationships and torment herself for many years.

Scorpio Woman Likes and Dislikes

Scorpio woman likes to be self-sufficient. She does not have much financial expectations. Knows how to produce and transform. She dislikes people who don't take life seriously.

Best gifts for Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman loves perfumes, underwear, flowers, etc. gifts that make her feel cared. If the scorpion woman is your friend, you can make her happy by gifting a leather belt, a wallet, a useful shirt, and a stylish wall mirror that she can always use.

Scorpio Man


Scorpio men try to have as many relationships as they can, especially during their youth. Scorpio man is attractive. The Scorpio man isintelligence,and they can easily affect the opposite sex with compliments. If he falls in love, he will remain faithful for many years. Sometimes they may have obsessive and suspicious behaviour.


Scorpio men- if not under the influence of an inverted star- have a high libido like all other water group members. He likes to give pleasure to his partner.

Couples Love

Scorpio men can have relationships with people from different worlds, and complex relationships that you cannot imagine. He doesn't like to talk about his relationships. He knows how to create an air of mystery.

Scorpio man Likes and Dislikes

Although the Scorpio man does not share it with anyone, he feels strongly the desire to "be famous, to be known by everyone, to leave a work". Therefore, he tries to be close to important people. He doesn't like people who question too much.

Best gifts for Scorpio man

The first edition of a favourite novel, a quality wine, dinner at a beautiful and different restaurant will make him extremely happy. Gifts such as watches, wallets, belts, shirts that can be used in daily life also work.

Scorpio most compatible signs

Scorpio and Cancer

Their differences complement each other. The strong nature of Scorpio makes the gentle Cancer feel safe. Cancer's loyalty and love balances the jealous nature of the Scorpio. It is a good partnership for marriage.

Scorpio and Pisces

Thanks to Pisces, the passion of the Scorpio sign will stand out. Scorpio and Pisces are quite compatible in their love lives. there will be a happy relationship between them.

Scorpio and Virgo

If there is a zodiac sign that can keep the love and passion alive it is the Scorpio. We are sure that a wonderful and passionate relationship will emerge from the between Scorpio and Virgo.

Scorpio least compatible signs

Scorpio and Leo

Both signs are extremely powerful and dominant. After a while the relationship between them can turn into a struggle for power.

Scorpio and Libra

The relationship that begins with a great attraction may be frustrated by the jealousy of Scorpio and the uncertain feelings of Libra.

Scorpio and Gemini

While Scorpio is a very fond of his private space, Gemini cannot live without communicating with others. While Gemini wants change, the Scorpio sign sticks to their habits. Fights are inevitable when two signs are together

Best jobs for Scorpio

Scorpio people are intelligent, and hardworking. They turn into difficult people when faced withstupid people. They like quiet working environments. For Scorpio will be best in jobs such as policemen, stuntmen, detectives, psychologists, analysts, diver, labours, therapists, stockbrokers, police, stockbrokers, and judges.

Famous Scorpio Celebrities

Hillary Clinton,Katy Perry,Leonardo Di Caprio,Bill Gates,Kendall Jenner,Calvin Klein, ShaileneJulia Roberts,Emma Stone,Voltaire

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